Owen's Robotics Resource Collection!

I've been involved in Lego Robotics since 2009, and have accumulated plenty of resources over the years, so I've decided to compile them in one place for future reference.

Building Instructions

Instructions for several different robots, in PDF format.


An archive of past NXT and EV3 programs, including some useful sample programs and backups of programs from classes I've taught over the years.


Image galleries of various builds from over the years, can be good references for rebuilding.

Software & Firmware Downloads

Links to the latest software and firmware for Lego robots.

Battlebots Tournament Ranking

A simple tournament tracker I slapped together for a competition in late 2021. Very fun.

Stuff I'm Saving For Later

Using Python with the EV3. Might be useful in the future for classes, but I should learn it first.

Robotics Resource Hub, created 2022-02-21, last modified 2024-01-18.